Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Race

The good Doctor in full flight during the New Race tour. This Bob King photo was used in the design for the single Cryin' Sun.

Bob King photo of Ron Asheton taken during the tour.

Single off the First and the Last LP Cryin' Sun and one of the SAS "Who Dares Wins" badges given to band members by Deniz before the tour to help unite the band together. Kindly donated by WG.

WEA Records promo poster for First and the Last LP.

Poster used to promote the New Race Tour.

Original WEA copy and Soldiers of Rock'N'Roll audio documentary.

1983 German copy on Line Records with white vinyl and a 1983 UK copy on Statik Records.

Two offerings from French Label Revenge Records (1989 and 1990) give us a better idea of how the gigs sounded with live vocals and no overdubs.

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